Initial Consultation

For new clients only, this includes up to ½ hour of travel time and one hour of analysis and investigation: $55 (incl. GST)

Subsequent Consultation

Charged in half hour increments: $110 per hour (incl. GST)
Travel time to your location is also charged at $110 per hour.

After Hours, Weekends, Public Holidays

My standard hours are Mon to Fri 10am to 8pm.
Work performed outside those hours is subject to a 50% surcharge.

Estimates & Quotes

For standard/basic requests I can give an estimate of the time it will take to satisfy your requirement.

For requests that involve a more detailed list of the work involved I can prepare an estimate under the basis of an initial consultation and review. ie. you will be charged for the time taken to prepare the estimate.

I do not provide fixed price quotes because inevitably there are either unforeseen issues, or extra tasks to perform. Whenever work looks like it will deviate from the estimate I will update you so that we can agree on how to proceed.

Terms & Conditions

This engagement agreement outlines, in reasonably plain English, expectations for the relationship between GMC and clients. If there is anything in this document that you don't feel comfortable with please feel free to discuss it with me.


You'll be issued an itemised invoice via email for the work performed (GST compliant).

Payment for the initial consultation is expected on the day, and for subsequent work is expected within 1 week. The following methods are available to make your payment.

Internet Banking

Direct deposits can be made using the following details. You must include your invoice number as a reference so that your deposit can be identified correctly.
BSB: 032249
Account: 260592
Name: Glebe McKay Consulting
Reference: <Invoice Reference>


Your invoice will contain details for making authenticated payment by BPAY.
Biller Code: 157727
Reference: <Invoice Reference>
Contact your bank or financial institution to make your payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account. More info:


Cheques should be made out to "Glebe Mac Consulting".


Of course cash is OK in person, but don't try sending it via email!


Online credit card payment, Visa or MasterCard, can be done via PayPal using the button below. You can also use funds in your own PayPal account.

Invoice Reference: