My idea of of small business & home technology is along the same lines as those of Apple - that it should "just work". Like you I get frustrated if it doesn't!

My perspective on supporting small businesses with IT is that the fix or solution needs to be both timely and cost effective. As a small operation focused on only home & small offices I can respond to client queries faster - and I don't have big company overheads.

What I offer is a leveraging of many years of corporate IT experience with my passion for Apple products, my stubbornness of refusing to fail to solve a problem, and my enjoyment in passing knowledge on to others. In those years I've had formal and informal training, and gained experience, in more technologies and methodologies than I care to try and remember.

I know to take the time to to listen to a problem and analyse its context before looking for a solution. I'm also aware that I can't know "everything" so I'll be honest with you if your problem has me stumped.

User Interface and Software is my speciality - so I'm not a hardware repair person. If investigation points to a hardware fault I'll recommend a referral to a certified repair centre.

I'm unabashedly a Mac geek but I'm not a "fan boy". I'm quite happy to admit that different needs require different solutions and the solution won't always come with an Apple logo. I have plenty of experience of working in the Windows world and can help you with that side of things as well. ie. I can look at your whole IT setup.

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